Dent-Techs guarantees all Paintless Dent Removal services for the life of the vehicle.  All warranties are non-transferable and apply only to the original purchaser of the service.  All Paintless Dent Repairs are guaranteed to meet accepted industry standards for uniformity and visual appearance.  If repaired dents reappear or become noticeable after the completion of repair and delivery of vehicle, Dent-Techs will reinspect and repair as needed, free of charge.  Dent-Techs guarantees that all repairs will meet or exceed industry standards for corrosion protection and guarantees its repairs against rusting and oxidization of the repaired area in accordance with the surrounding panels.  Dent-Techs does not guarantee any work specifically stated to be “at your own risk”, and Dent-Techs will not be liable for damages beyond the original purchase price of the repair performed.