Hail Damage Repair Experts in House

We can remove almost any car dent caused by hail damage or door dings without repainting or using body filler.  Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a process by which a dent is gently massaged back from the underside of the panel using  specialized tools.  This is a highly specialized skill that takes years to master and tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools and training.  You can’t simply purchase the dent-be-gone kits as seen on T.V. and fix all those dents yourself.  Dry ice doesn’t work either!  Leave the PDR to the pro’s and call us Today!  

NO DEDUCTIBLE! Up to $1,000 on Paintless Dent Repair Full claims.  Exceptions apply.

INDUSTRIES BEST TECHNICIANS! We have Paintless Dent Repair Techs in house and all of our techs undergo extensive training.

INSURANCE APPROVED!: We are an approved PDR facility by all major Insurance providers. However, we are NOT in network, so we do NOT work for insurance companies.  We work for you!

FREE INSURANCE NEGOTIATIONS! We are experts at inspecting and writing estimates on Hail Damage Repair.  We will negotiate with your insurance to insure that your vehicle gets repaired fully and safely!  Let us do all the leg work for you!

FREE COMPANY LOANER CAR! If you don’t have rental coverage on your insurance policy we will give you our company loaner car during the repair!**Exception applies, also depends on availability

FREE PROFESSIONAL DETAIL! When your vehicle is completely repaired, it will be washed by one of our professional in-house detail specialists!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Customer satisfaction is our top priority along with vehicle safety! Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!